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Tattoo Time lapse | Lord Shiva Elements | Geometric Lord Shiva tattoo

Lord Shiva is known as one of the Tridev, the Hindu trinity that includes Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu too. Shiva is known as "The Destroyer" within these Trimurti... He has many symbolic and depictions and forms of worship. The Trishul with damru, the Third eye, the Rudraksha, etc; are some of the elements of Lord Shiva.. A customized creation of these elements are done so seamlessly as 181 Tattooz Studio. Adding up geometric patterns that make it unique and outstanding and Colors that add up the positive vibe into it..

While you Get a Tattoo!!

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Lord Buddha with Lotus Tattoo Timelapse

Lord Buddha- The messenger of Peace, Philosopher, Great meditator. Lord Buddha Tattoo representing a sense of peace and serenity added up with Lotus flowers depicting strength, rebirth, and enlightenment... Beautiful Spiritual tattoo on arm.

Om Namah Shivay with trishul and damru Tattoo Timelapse

Om Namah Shivay: bowing to the inner self.. A strong mantra, regarded as the best for meditation. Self Designed, where the mantra added with Lord Shiva Elements- Trishul and Damru in freehand strokes. Tattoo Time Lapse process of Om Namah Shivay in Devanagari Calligraphy in color.

Mandala Tattoo Timelapse

Mandala is a Sanskrit word for circle and as a tattoo it is a composition of shapes, lines and designs in a circular pattern. This design is self customized at 181 Tattooz studio. Created to best fit on back to create a whole and beautiful backpiece.

Abstract Cat with Flower Tattoo Timelapse

A Time Lapse Tattooing process of an abstract color tattoo piece on calve. This is an unique abstract color tattoo which was done a long time ago... A Beautiful Feminine tattoo of Abstract Cat with flowers in color that Women would love to get inked.

Tribal Women Portrait Tattoo Timelapse

Thinking of getting tattooed? It first starts with selecting or choosing a design. But one of our female client was clear to have this strong and stunning Tribal Woman Portrait on her forearm. Having a woman with Tribal headdress is the best way to represent strength, power, beauty and passion to your heritage. Customized creation of Tribal feminine tattoo on forearm.

Lord Ganesha Tattoo Foam Video

This is small Lord Ganesha Tattoo created at 181 Tattooz, Nashik. Fine detailed tattoo done by Tattoo Artist Prashant. Hope you guys like it. We have inked many such designs get your design selected soon.

Lord Shiva Tattoo Making

At 181 Tattooz studio Nashik, did this powerful Lord Shiva Tattoo on the sacred day of Mahashivratri. The night when Lord Shiva is believed to perform the heavenly dance of creation, preservation and destruction. A Peaceful yet Strong and Powerful meditating posture of Lord Shiva.

Coverup Feather Tattoo Making

Did this cover up tattoo not exactly a cover up but you can call it a refinished tattoo with extension of feather to it, and to be highlighted these all tattoo is done freehand by our talented artist Prashant Paktekar.

Lord Ganesha Tattoo Making

Devotion for Ganpati Bappa cannot be defined in words. One of the Devotee coming up with an idea of getting a tattoo of wording "Bappa" combined with Lord Ganesha image in outline. Customized creation by our artist.