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Tattoo Training in Nashik

Tattoo industry is growing rapidly in India. If you are passionate about art, then we can help you convert your passion to profession. Become the future face of Tattooing with the Professional Tattoo training, which is specially designed for aspiring artists. 181 Tattoo Training Program goes through Basic and Advanced Tattoo techniques.


Our Training Program cover following sessions:


Introduction to Tattooing :

The first session covers a brief knowledge related to basic tattooing through points such as History & origin of tattooing, various styles of tattoo, art & science involved in tattooing process. Learn the concept and importance of Hygiene for Tattoo art. Study about current scenario of tattooing and career opportunities in the field will also be discussed.


Basic and Advance Drawing :

A good Tattoo artist needs to be a good artist first, hence we have designed this session so as to develop and upgrade your drawing skills from basic to advance level. Topics like live object drawing, Human anatomy, Sketching and portrait techniques, Light and Shadow effects, Scripting, Calligraphy will be covered.


Technology and software :

An overview to computer software required for making tattoo design. We will learn to use softwares such as Coral draw and Photoshop. It will include creating custom designs with the help of technology and softwares.


Tattoo Equipment and Tattoo Process :

From this session we will hit the work area and introduce to tattoo machine and tools. We will learn about various equipments and tools used in tattooing, equipment setup and machine assembly in detail. While learning the tattoo process, we will also go through hygiene measures related to the process.


Tattoo styles and Techniques :

This is the main session of the Tattoo Program here we will practice various tattoo techniques i.e. Lining, Colour Packing, Shading, Texture creation, etc. Using these techniques we will create various styles of tattooing such as Line & Solid Work, Black & Grey Shading, Dot Work, Colour Tattoo, Armband, Realistic/3D, Portraits.


Tattoo Business Techniques :

Proper earning is the final outcome of any professional training. We are aware of this fact and therefore we have this last session in which you learn various business techniques to earn money.